Owl Rug Pattern and Crochet Hook – Giveaway!

 As per many of your requests I have been working hard on my Crochet Retro Owl Rug Pattern & am sOoOo excited to introduce this NEW design!!! I have made several of these owls using some fabulous color combos and absolutely love every one of them (more photos are coming soon!). We can’t wait to release this pattern August 21, 2014!



Now for the fun part – it’s GIVEAWAY time!

To celebrate the release of our Retro Owl Rug Pattern, we are giving a FREE copy of this PDF pattern & 9mm (M) crochet hook to ONE lucky winner. Easy entry is OPEN WORLDWIDE. The winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends.


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For an EXTRA CHANCE to win a copy of this PDF pattern, please comment under this post & let us know what 3-5 colors you would use to make a multicolored Retro Owl Rug. We will choose a few extra winners from the comments below!

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August 21, 2014:

CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners of our giveaway!

  • The Grand Prize winner –> Guylaine H. –> The pattern has been emailed to you, pleas contact us by email within next 14 days to claim your Crochet Hook.
  • Additional winners from our Facebook Page –> (1) Aundie Molina, (2) Theresa Lovett, (3) Ashley Draven –> Please message us through Facebook page to claim your prizes!


  1. unique2wh0 says:

    I love this in the white…who would’a thunk it 🙂 I would do the colors of the rainbow..pure happiness x2 🙂

  2. Holly Williams says:

    I would use gray, purple, and green. Probably an odd combo of colors, but my daughters share a room, and that the colors they decorated their room in 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    I love this!! In solids I will use cream it will be beautiful on my penny floor. In mixed colors I will use grey pink and cream!!

  4. Jolene Hurtte says:

    I would have to make a few. One would be in neutrals…..different shades of brown. One with blues and browns and lastly one with cream, med pink, light pink and a light grass green for my mama.

  5. Michelle Avery says:

    I would use a medium blue, brown, & white. I love all your patterns and have purchased several. I would love to have them all so they are on my list. LOVE this owl rug as well! Fingers crossed!!

  6. Darlene Tasso says:

    Love the retro owl! The all white is stunning! I would like to make it in warm brown, buff, burgundy, orange & yellow.

  7. Peg Pearce says:

    Thank you so much for another beautiful creation! I am obsessed with owls 🙂 This would be a joy to win! I first would do like you did and make mine in cream. My second owl rug would be done in crimson red, medium charcoal gray, Teal blue, and a medium yellow. I think these colors would maintain your design’s richness. Thanks again:)

  8. Pamela Fancher-Brent says:

    Red, white and blue…..I would make it for my mom. She loves owls and loves anything patriotic. What better than to combine the two as a gift for her?

  9. Carol Rodewald Anderson says:

    I like the white! or offwhite/cream..it would go with my craft room that I’m organizing right now.

  10. Malonie E. says:

    I think the owl needs to be girly so I would do 2 shades of pink with a neutral like white or cream or maybe even black or brown.

  11. Lisa_J says:

    Absolutely beautiful rug, would like to make this with gold mustard color to matching up with my bedroom. Pick me…. pick me… an owl maniac here 😀

  12. Ana-Maria Weltz says:

    Absolutly love it. And my new grandaughter that are due any day now will have it in: Pink White light Brown and lilac.

  13. Louvilla Gross says:

    I love the pattern. it is perfect for what i have in mind. I am going to be a grandma soon and the theme for the nursery is owls! the colors i would choose for it would be. pink, purple and creme.

  14. Kathy Johnson says:

    I would use off white, russet red, burnt orange, and coffee brown. Possibly use very little black for accentuating the eye area.

  15. Holly Goodwin says:

    very beautiful color combinations!!! I would use teal, purple, black. So many colors to chose from, I think I would have to make a bunch just to pick a favorite lol. Good luck to everyone.

  16. carolyn says:

    dark grey, light grey and white, perhaps some bright fun colors, shades of pink. So many options, it’s hard to choose.

  17. Linda says:

    I would probably use brown cream tan and light green for the eyes. I would love to win this. I just redid my kitchen and it would be beautiful in there.

  18. Kayla says:

    I love this pattern! I think I would do earthly colors, dark greens, a brown, or maybe something bright and whimsical, like yellow, orange, and green!

  19. Melissa says:

    This rug is stunning! I would make one in purple pink and turquoise. And probably hang it on my daughters wall instead of using it as a rug. (I would t want anyone stepping on it 🙂 )

  20. Cheryl says:

    I would use black, white & yellow/gold because my daughter just started going to Kennesaw State University. Their Mascot is the Owls and those are their colors.

  21. morna harding-went says:

    My little girl would want this in pink purple and cream but I would do it in shades of brown and use eyelash yarn too to make it look like feathers like I did when I made your owl poncho

  22. Denise Holzer says:

    I’m in the process of decorating my 1 yr olds room in bright owls. I would do this rug In orange, pink. Green, Aqua and maybe some white. I have been looking to purchase a rugood for her room and now I’m inspired to make one!

  23. Annette says:

    The three colors I would choose would be a natural, (beige, tan) , a sky blue, and navy blue. These rugs are so unique and I would love to have this pattern

  24. Renate Claunch says:

    I’d wouldnt be able to say, because i think it’s be eyepopping in bright colors and warm and fuzzy in earth tone colors

    • Christa Ware says:

      Oh, I absolutely love this rug., My boys have a sight where they use the owl as “Who loves you?” John 15:9 says Jesus does. They absolutely would love this. I probably would use an olive color with coral and a cream. my favorite colors. Such a work of ark.

  25. Anthi Prinou says:

    Love the pattern i think it would be great for my boys room so i’m going for light blue, dark blue and turquoise and a little white hope i win!

  26. Karen McDermott says:

    very cute, oh the color combinations…pink, black, white or teal, black, white, or since we are Harley and Flyers Fans Black, Orange and White

  27. Melissa says:

    I would use two shades of lavender and two shades of ivory for my baby’s room. For my older girl, shades of bright blue, orange and yellow.

  28. Heather Pelletier says:

    Love this rug!!! Id use a variation of colors but probably stick to the baby basics (pink, cream, grey)(blue, white, grey)(green, white, grey)..

  29. Christa Ware says:

    Christa Ware says: August 20, 2014 at 5:40 pm
    Oh, I absolutely love this rug., My boys have a sight where they use the owl as “Who loves you?” John 15:9 says Jesus does. They absolutely would love this. I probably would use an olive color with coral and a cream. my favorite colors. Such a work of art.

  30. Julie Schrey says:

    Doing a beach color theme in my bedroom so…coral, turquoise, tan and cream!!! Think the owl would be Soooo cute in my room!

  31. Shawne Soles says:

    I love all your patterns you are amazingly talented…sorry I missed the contest but I would have made it in rusts and browns with a bit of beige..beautiful work!

  32. Elsa Reese says:

    Too late for the giveaway, but wanted to let you know that I think this is beautiful! Think I will make one for my crafting cottage!

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