Removable Non-Slip Lining for Crochet Rugs – Behind-the-scenes of IraRott™ Patterns

I made my very first crochet rug when I was in middle school. I had so much fun spending summer breaks in my grandma’s little cottage house and crocheting with her outside. We made single crochet round rugs together, using scraps of fabric leftover from our sewing projects. It was the happiest time of my childhood!

Over the years I learned new techniques and started designing my own crochet rug patterns. I spent a lot of time thinking about Non-Slip lining for my patterns as I wanted to make them more safe and usable.  I finally came up with this idea of Removable Non-Slip Lining that also prevents it from melting in the dryer.  I hope you enjoy this tutorial and our Rug Patterns.

To make a Non-Slip Lining for crochet rug, you will need a roll of Easy Liner, Velcro hooks (approx 1″ wide & 80″ long), and a sewing machine. It is more economical to buy Velcro hooks (instead of common Hooks & Loops) as you won’t use the loops for this project.


  • Lay out the liner on the back of the rug to find the exact size you need to cut.


  • Cut the Liner & 4 strips of Velcro hooks.


  • Sew 4 strips of Velcro hooks evenly spaced.


  • Roll your liner with Velcro strips facing out & place it at the top edge of the rug, then unroll the liner down towards the bottom edge, flattening it with your hands to stick Velcro hooks to the fabric.


  • Gently remove the liner before washing. Wash the Rug & Liner individually, following care instructions on the labels of the materials used.

6All done, it’s that easy!

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