Crochet Picot Stitch Tutorial

Picot is a decorative, pointy stitch that creates an elegant crochet edging & is often used in crochet lace patterns…for example in snowflakes, doilies, Irish crochet, lace garments, and many other crochet patterns.

There are a few ways to crochet picots, which is basically creating a tiny loop by slip-stitching a chain of 3 (or more) into a circle.

In this tutorial I would like to share my favorite technique for making a picot stitch, that we love to use in IraRott® patterns.

Picot – ch 3 (photo A); insert the hook from right to left under the front loop & bottom vertical bar of previous stitch (photo B); yarn over & pull through all loops on the hook. Picot stitch completed (photo C).

How to crochet a picot stitch tutorial by IraRott




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    THANK YOU,,,,I, VERY MUCH ENJOY ,your approach to tutorials, No talking, nice music, LARGE ENOUGH for me to SEE, and SLOW…

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