Bias Machine Binding For Scalloped Edges

The ears in my Cuddles The Hexi Bear Rug pattern create scalloped edges and it’s very easy to bind them. First of all, I should mention that bias binding is absolutely essential for finishing curved and scalloped edges as it’s stretchy and flexible. So, be sure not use straight grain binding as it won’t work.

Making Bias Binding Strips

  1. Use markings on the ruler OR cutting mat to make your first cut at 45° angle. You can also fold the fabric diagonally to determine your first diagonal line.
  2. Line up the 2 1⁄2″ mark of the ruler with the bias edge and cut your first strip. Continue cutting 2 1⁄2″ bias strips until you have enough strips for the total length required.
  3. Match the edges of the strips based on the slanting direction.
  4. Holding the strips perpendicularly with right sides together, sew them along the diagonal edge with a 1⁄4″ seam allowance.
  5. Press the seam open and trim dog ears.
  6. Fold the long bias strip in half lengthwise and press.

Sewing Binding (Back of the Quilt)

Line up the raw edges of the binding with the quilt edge on the back. Leaving a 6″-8″ tail at the beginning, sew the binding around the curved edge with a 1⁄4″ seam allowance until you reach the inside corner. Stop at the center of the corner with the needle down and pivot. Make a crease on the left to straighten out the right edge, it will help you pass the corner smoothly. Continue sewing around the edge, stopping 8″-10″ before your starting point.

Trim the edge of the beginning tail to make it straight. Trim the other end, overlapping it towards the beginning end by 2 1⁄2″ (which is the width of unfolded strip). Holding the ends perpendicularly with right sides together, sew them with a diagonal seam. Fold the binding to to make sure it fits properly, then trim the corner. Press the seam open and sew the remaining part of the binding.

Clip the inside corners of the quilt edge to release tension and cut notches in the corners of the binding to reduce bulk. Be careful not to cut through the stitches.

Finishing Binding (Front of the Quilt)

Fold the binding over towards the front side of the quilt and pin it around. You can pin a small section at a time or use clips instead of pins. I often pin only in the corners and then just guide the binding by hand around the curve. Sew towards the inside corner; stop with the needle down; straighten out the edge to pass the corner and continue sewing around the curve.