Removable Non-Slip Lining for Crochet Rugs

I spent a lot of time thinking about a non-slip layer for my crochet rugs to prevents them from slipping & I finally came up with this idea of removable lining. I love the fact that it can be easily removed before washing a rug to avoid any unexpected “surprises”.  I hope this tutorial will help you as well 🙂

To make a non-slip lining for a crochet rug, you will need:

  1. Roll of Easy Liner
  2. Sew-on / non-adhesive Hook & Loop Tape or Velcro Hooks
  3. Basic straight stitch sewing machine
  4. Scissors
  5. All purpose sewing thread

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Lay out the liner on the back of the rug and cut a rectangle that doesn’t expand beyond the rug edges.


Cut 4 strips with hooks from the hook and loop tape, using the measurement of the short edge of the liner; place the strips evenly spaced onto the liner.


Sew each strip around the perimeter using a straight stitch on your sewing machine.


Roll the finished liner with the hook strips facing out. Place the lining roll at the top edge of the rug and unroll it towards the bottom edge. Hand press the lining to help the hooks
stick to the fabric.


TIP: Gently remove the liner before washing. Wash the rug and the liner individually, following care instructions on the labels of the materials used.

6All done, it’s that easy!



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  1. sharon says:

    hi I made the elephant run so cut my daughter wants to hang it on the nursery wall how do you suggest I do this?

  2. Cathy Kirkpatrick says:

    I too have made the elephant rug and would like to hang it on the nursery wall
    I am unable to access the Facebook piece you recommended

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