To Print, or not to Print: that is the question

to print or not to print 1Do you print PDF Patterns using your home printer or do you prefer to read them electronically?

I know there are many “Yes’s” and “No-no’s” regarding e-Reading. I would love to know your thoughts about it, so please do not hesitate to comment on this post.

Here are a few reasons why I love my iPad mini when I crochet:

  • NO MORE EXTRA EXPENSES for the ink cartridges & paper! Reading from an 8″ screen is easy & comfortable.
  • SAVING STORAGE SPACE in my craft-office. Please understand me correctly – I LOVE PRINTED BOOKS & I will always buy a book if I love it’s content and a quality of the print, but there is no place on my bookshelves or in storage boxes for heavy binders with hundreds of printed pages.
  • SUPER FAST ACCESS – I can find the pattern I need in seconds by using a search option in my electronic library. I to print or not to print 2usually store patterns in iBooks or Adobe Reader – these 2 apps are my absolutely favorite for reading on iPad!
  • ENJOY PATTERNS ANYWHERE & ANY TIME! It’s like carrying thousands of pages in my purse – my entire Pattern Library!

to print or not to print 3If you have an iPad or any other tablet and haven’t tried to use your PDF storage yet, you will be amazed how great and easy this feature is!

First, you need to save the pattern to one of your previously installed apps (for example iBooks for Apple tablets). After you downloaded & opened the pattern in the browser on your tablet, you will have an option to open & save it through the app (you may need to tap the screen once to see this option).

Your PDF files will be saved and stored in your electronic library under the “PDFs” section. Choose the pattern you wish to use and it will open at the very first page. Bookmark pages as you go, by simply clicking a bookmark symbol on the top of the page. This will help you to remember a specific page if you need to take a break from your knit/crochet project.


to print or not to print 5You can also change your screen brightness for more comfortable reading and use a keyword search on the top of the page. For example you need to make ears next, so you type “ears” in search and it will bring the results for all pages in the pattern with this keyword. It’s that easy!

to print or not to print 6AUTO-LOCK TIP: If your tablet screen turns off automatically while you work on your project, it is easy to fix in your settings! Go to General settings on your tablet, choose “Auto-Lock”, and change settings to “Never”. Now, when you work on your project, your screen will never turn off automatically and your pattern will always be in front of you! I hope you enjoy your electronic library!  to print or not to print 7




  1. Kim says:

    I don’t own a tablet or a smartphone. I like writing them down on a piece of paper unless it’s a long pattern then I will print it.

  2. Kym Voicey says:

    I print out all your patterns and will go to the extra expense of using color as you have such lovely color photos in them. I also save copies to my computer or iPad.

  3. Marguerite Hill says:

    I love working from my IPad! Save patterns all the time to it and I do have an extra back up in my email for them.

  4. Brenda McKeraghan says:

    I always print out the pattern and frequently copy/paste to a new file to increase the font size and spacing. With poor vision, it is very helpful and allows me to insert notes where the instructions are not clear or I choose to modify or just plain wrong. I also put the papers into plastic sheets and use narrow post-it like tabs to keep track of where I am.

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