Joining-As-You-Go With Picot

Happy last day of June, crafters! We still have a lot of time to enjoy long summer days and crochet our big projects. I am so excited to introduce our NEW Josefina and Jeffery elephant blanket pattern! Don’t you just love the colorful border? There are no exact duplicates of multicolored flower motifs. It’s such a great project for using up your yarn scraps!

Josefina and Jeffery Elephant Blanket Crochet Pattern by IraRott

This blanket is made from individually crocheted motifs using “join-as-you-go” technique where hexagon motifs are joined through the picot stitches of the last round. You can find a video tutorial for making regular picots –> HERE.

Picot JOIN is basically the same as picot stitch, except the beginning ch-3 is replaced with “ch 1 + sl st in the corresponding picot of previously made motif + ch 1“. Complete the stitch as you would normally finish a regular picot.

Here is a short “HOW-TO” video for you 🙂

Josefina and Jeffery crochet elephant blanket pattern has just been released & can be found on our site!

Josefina Elephant Blanket Crochet Pattern by IraRott

Josefina and Jeffery Elephant Blanket Crochet Pattern by IraRott



  1. Diane G. says:

    Is it just me, or doesn’t Josephina need eyebrows? Just saying, I think she would look better with some.

    • IraRott says:

      Hi Diane, thank you for your comment. The eyebrows are optional in the pattern, so I finished one of the elephants without eyebrows to show how it looks like. I love them both and sometimes it’s hard to choose without seeing and comparing options 🙂

  2. Tokkie Diamond says:

    Oh my word…. thank you so much for the video to join the picots…. and thank you so much for your patterns…i have the complete collection of your beautiful elephants… and of cause a lot of your other rug patterns:)

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