IraRott Pattern Testing Call – 2018

January is finally here & we are looking forward to a great year ahead. As I have previously mentioned, about once a year we invite new crafters to join our testing team on Facebook. If you think you would be interested in testing IraRott® patterns, please send us your application through the form below.

I wish we could accept everyone, but unfortunately our vacancies are limited. I hope you understand that it’s impossible to reply personally to each application, but I will read them all very carefully, so please make sure to send us much information as possible including links where we can see examples of your work. If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation of your acceptance by email with further instructions.


POST UPDATE: January 14 / 2018

Thank you everyone for applying, we have received over 100 applications within less than 24 hours & we will review them next week. This testing call is now closed.


  1. Tara Hawkins says:

    Just submitted, but realized that I had made a mistake in my company name. Darn autofill. Company name is Custom Caps (and more)

  2. Daisy Elle says:

    I submitted last night after making sure that all my projects from the past year were uploaded onto my Ravelry account – took me an age lol
    I’m only a work-from-home Mum/Nan, but how exciting!

  3. Yesenia Earl says:

    I don’t have a crochet specific platform to show my work because since the start of my love for crocheting I have crocheted gifts only. One or more for each of my 12 nieces and nephews. I am part of a private crochet group on Facebook where I have posted some of these to share with the other members. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me. Thank you for such an special opportunity!

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