Joining-As-You-Go With Slip Stitch

I am often asked about how I design and write my patterns…There is no easy answer to this question as each pattern is a unique creation, which starts with an idea that I carry in my heart for weeks, months, or years until the time is right.

Here is a short video of the long designing process that includes: choosing yarn, creating a new design, taking step-by-step photos in my home studio, editing photos in Adobe Photoshop, drawing diagrams in Adobe Illustrator, writing patterns in Adobe InDesign, making videos of special stitches in Adobe Premiere Pro, testing, proofreading, tech editing, final editing, publishing…and the best part, of course, is – seeing your creations made from my patterns.

Crochet Pig Blanket Pattern By IraRott

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Oink-Oink…as promised, here is my surprise – Pinky the Piggy blanket! It was inspired by my new favourite yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran from LoveKnitting, you can find my review of this yarn –> HERE.

The blocks in this blanket are heavily improvised Granny Squares, they are made individually and then joined across the edges to create the blanket. You can easily add or omit blocks if you want to make a different size.

Piggy ears, tails, bows, snouts, eyes, and legs are sewn on, however, the pink circles (faces / bodies) are part of the blocks and do not require sewing.

You can choose to sew the blocks together or join them as-you-go with sl st in space between the corresponding clusters while working the last round of every block. Check out the video below to see how I do it.

I hope you enjoy making this piggy blanket and here are some matching patterns you might like as well –>

Crochet Piggy Blanket Pillow Rug Set


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