Crochet Design and Wedding Fashion

8 years ago I married the love of my life, my best friend, & my anchor, who is now also my awesome business partner at IraRott Inc!!!

Being a crochet designer, I had always dreamed about making my own wedding dress… needless to say, it had to be a one-of-a-kind design and a unique combination of colors & stitches. As the color of “Love, bright red was chosen to be the main color of my dress & gold was our wedding accent color (which is also associated with love, wisdom, compassion, illumination, passion, & magic). The preparation process began with many fabulous ideas, sketches, and already approved colors… Several months later we had one of the most unforgettable days of our life – our wedding!

handmade crochet wedding dress

Over the past 8 years I have been asked hundreds of questions about my wedding dress & our little girl’s gown – how long did it take to make these dresses, what yarn did I use, what kind of lining, how to find a pattern, etc. I hope to answer some of these questions in my post, but please feel free to comment below if you are looking for more information 🙂

Let’s begin with the outfit that our daughter was wearing that day…

Flower Girl Dress & Parasol

handmade crochet wedding dress

YARN: Lace Parasol was made from a beautiful metallic sport weight polyester yarn, very similar to this Kuka Bright yarn. Unfortunately I am not able to provide the exact yarn brands as most of them are no longer on the market & also are not available in our current area. The same red metallic yarn was used for making the floral crochet motifs of the bodice & the skirt edging. The main yarn for the dress was a size 10 mercerized metallic cotton thread, which made the dress sparkle like gold. I love mixing different yarn contents and weight categories in one design! 🙂

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE: About 3 weeks, or 160 hours.

DRESS LINING: I hand drafted my own sewing pattern using custom measurements of our little girl & I used golden satin fabric coordinated with red tulle fabric to sew the dress lining.

PATTERN: “Flower Girl” dress pattern was published in Ukrainian Crochet Magazine in 2009. Unfortunately, at the present time it is not available as a PDF Pattern, but I hope to complete a tutorial some day in the future… so, please feel free to follow this blog for updates 🙂 The bodice of this dress was created in Modern Irish Lace crochet style. If you’ve never heard of this technique, you can check out one of my YouTube videos to see it in action. The long lace skirt with ruffles was crocheted separately & then attached to the finished bodice. “Metallic Lace Parasol” Pattern had been available in PDF format since 2010, but is currently being re-designed & temporary discontinued. However, we have some other beautiful Parasol Patterns at that can be used as an alternative to make a unique accessory for your wedding day!

My Wedding Dress

handmade crochet wedding dress

MATERIALS: Super Fine Metallic Kid Mohair yarn, glass seed beads, & red satin fabric for lining.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE: About 1 month, or 200 hours.

DRESS LINING: Since I started running out of time, I had to ask my friend (who just graduated as a clothing designer) for her help with the lining. I was so blessed to have her assistance with pattern drafting & sewing, to get everything done on time.

Free form crochet wedding dress
Free form crochet wedding dress

PATTERN: My wedding dress was made in “Free Form” crochet technique, which is a method of creating a piece of fabric by expressing an imagination without using any pattern instructions. It would be almost impossible to create the exact instructions for a “Free Form” garment, but I am more than happy to share with you some of my experiences, ideas, & crochet diagrams. To create this dress I have used 3 main components (as you can see in the photo below) –> Large Squares (Pinwheel motif #1), Small Octagons (Pinwheel motif #2), & Lace Tapes (Ribbon motif #3).

free form crochet wedding dress
Building a dress…

I have put together all of my notes & crochet diagrams in this FREE pattern-tutorial & I hope it will help you to make your own dress, inspired by my design. Please stop by to download your free copy at >> <<

Free form crochet wedding dress