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Crochet Hook with Cushion Grip – My First Experience

Nothing is more exciting than receiving a box of yarn or new crochet hooks!  I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on Hooks with Handles, so a few weeks ago I ordered this gorgeous Etimo Rose Crochet Hook with Cushion Grip to try and feel the difference. I crochet several hundred hats a year & really hope to make this process easier and more enjoyable.

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As soon as I opened the box, I realized how awesome is this soft feel of the handle! It’s very comfortable to hold this hook like a knife (knife hold) or like a pencil (pencil hold). My fingers felt relaxed almost instantly!


My new Etimo Rose Hook is slightly shorter than my regular aluminum hook, but  it fits so nicely in my hand and absolutely no discomfort for a knife-holding style.


My gauge was accurate, it makes me very very happy!!! I also love the perfect shape of the thumb-rest and pointed tip of the hook, super comfy and easy to work with! It would be great to see USA hook sizes on the label as well as metric ones, but maybe it’s just me. This is a great tool for any fellow crocheter.


I am looking forward to another busy fall season and making lots of hats with this awesome hook! Here is one of my latest designs that I was enjoying making using my new Tulip Hook.

Eh! Moose Hat Pattern