Double Chain Easy Cord Tutorial

Double Chain Easy Cord (D-ch) is one of my favorite techniques. You can make ties, belts, draw-string for your finished projects, and even use it as a foundation sc to begin your work.

  1. Leave a long yarn tail at the beginning, approximately 3 times as long as the desired length of the cord.
  2. Make a slip knot to create the first chain.
  3. Holding the working yarn around your index finger, tail over the hook from front to back (2 loops on the hook).
  4. Holding the bottom of the cord with your thumb and middle finger, grab working yarn and draw it through both loops on the hook (1 loop on the hook).
  5. Repeat STEPS 3 and 4 until you reach the desired length.

Here are some examples of using Double Chain Easy Cord (D-ch) in my patterns:

You can also make this cord using 2 or 3 colors of yarn from individual balls. Check out my Instagram videos to see how I do it.