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Easy Loops Crochet Tutorial

Have you ever been so afraid of an intermediate crochet pattern, that you decided not to try it at all? Well, I hope you won’t be afraid of crochet Loop Stitches after reading this article & will attempt to try some of IraRott® intermediate crochet patterns with this beautiful stitch.

Crochet animal hat patterns with loop stitch by IraRott

What are the differences between the Loop Stitch (Lp-st) & Double Loop Stitch (D-lp) listed in the “Skills” section of the pattern page?

The main difference is that the Lp-st creates a single loop, but every D-lp makes 2 loops at the same time… however, they both will appear on the back of your work, which is the right side (RS) of the fabric.

Lp-sts are usually worked in the round & are done through every stitch in every round. This makes your RS of the fabric very thick & look full of loops.

When the pattern calls for working in rows, you will most likely see a D-lp instead of Lp-st, as the loops are done in every other row to be visible on RS of the fabric. For example, if you were to make single loops in rows (as you do when working in the round), your loopy side would not be as thick &  you would have half as many loops. A D-lp compensates for the amount of missing loops in every other row.

What is the best length for the loops?

If there are no specifications for the loop length in the pattern, you can make the loops as long as you wish, but remember to keep the length consistent.

Loop and Double Loop crochet tutorial by IraRott

Learn the easiest way to make these advanced stitches from our “Easy Loops” video tutorial.

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