Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi

When you crochet big amigurumi or other large projects like cushions and poufs…you will need a large amount of craft stuffing, which might become costly. To reduce expenses, I found that regular bed pillows are great as an alternative option for stuffing material and they are generously overfilled with 100% polyester fiber. You can upcycle your old pillows or find inexpensive pillows in a local department store. I often use The Blue Whale pillows from Walmart, as they are low priced and the fiberfill is great quality for my crochet projects.

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows by IraRott

To prepare fiberfill from used pillows, be sure to wash and dry them before using. If the fiberfill is not thoroughly dry after you take it out, lay it on a towel to air-dry completely, then re-fluff it.

When using new pillows, simply cut along the the seam of the pillow, take out some stuffing (as much as you can fit in your hand) and fluff it up with your fingers. Now you can use it to stuff your crochet project.

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows by IraRott