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These are some of my favorite Hat Designs since 2009.  Pattern Pages are linked to the photos (if they are available).

All  IraRott™ Patterns  can be found at >> IraRott.com <<

octopus hat

Octopus Hat

alien sun hat

One Eye Alien Monster Sun Hat

poodel hat

Blue Poodle Hat with Loopy Ears

poodel baby set

Baby Poodle Hat and Diaper Cover

pony hat

Pony Hat with Ruffled Mane

pink berry owl hat

Pink Berry Owl Hat with sleepy eyes

maple leaf sun hat

Lace Sun Hat with Maple Leaf Applique

maltese dog hat

Maltese Puppy Dog Hat with Heart Pom-Poms

lamb baby set

Baby Lamb Hat and Cocoon with Bell

furry bear hat

Polar Bear Hat with furry Pom-Poms

frog hat

Chunky Frog Hat with Big Eyes

frog baby set

Baby Frog on a Lily Pad

fox hat

Happy Fox Hat

donkey hat

Funky Donkey Hat

cow hat

Cow Hat with Bells

chihuahua hat

Chihuahua Puppy Dog Hat

bunny baby set

Easter Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover

boxer hat

Boxer Dog Hat

blue bear hat

Bear Hat with Furry Ears

beaver hat

Canadian Beaver Hat

beanie with brim

Newsboy Hat with Brim and Flower

baby owl set

Ava the Owl Baby Cocoon

baby fox

Baby Fox Hat and Cocoon

baby elephant

Elephant Baby Hat and Diaper Cover

alien monster hat

Sonic Eye Furry Alien Monster Hat

bunny hat

Easter Bunny Hat with Large Pom-Poms

classic bear hat

Classic Bear Hat with Patches

crocodile hat

Snappy Simon the Crocodile Hat

hippo hat

Happy Hippo the Hippopotamus Hat

mohawk skull hat

Skull and Crossbones Hat with Mohawk

orangunat hat

Chimpanzee Monkey Hat with Banana Ties

oscar french bulldog

Oscar the French Bulldog Hat

zazu monster hat

ZaZu Furry Alien Monster Hat with Antennas

sock monkey pirate hat

Pirate Jim and Molly Sock Monkey hats

snow ball monster hat

Furry Snow-Ball Monster hat with Pom-Poms

seamese cat hat

Siamese Kitty Cat Hat with Pom-Poms

scottish terrier hat

Scottish Terrier Hat with a Ribbon Bow

Puppy set

Baby Puppy Hat and Diaper Cover with Tail

panda hat

Super Star Panda Hat with Pom-Poms

Monkey hat

Classic Twist Sock Monkey Hat & Toy

pinkberry owl hat

Pink Berry Owl Hat with opened eyes

monkey hat chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Monkey Hat

mohawk monkey hat

Sock Monkey Hat with Mohawk

koala bear hat

Koala Bear Hat with Furry Ears

kitty hat

Kitty Cat Crochet Hat

dog hat

Puppy Dog Hat with Star Applique

elephant hat

Elephant Hat for me!

Elf Hat

Multicolored Elf Hat

fox hat

Furry Fox Hat

irish crochet beret

Irish Crochet Inspired Beret (not in PDF)

parrot hat

Blue Parrot or blue jay Hat with earflaps

panda hat

Panda Hat with Bamboo ties

penguin baby set

Penguin Baby Hat, diaper Cover, Booties

pink polar bear hat

Pink Polar Bear Hat with Pom-Poms

retro owl hat

Retro Owl Hat with Opened Eyes

penguin hat

Happy Penguin Hat with earmuffs

alpaka elh hat set

Knit Efl Hat Set  (not in PDF)


  1. susan says:

    All your hats are amazing!!! I have an adorable black lab doggy named Chelsea and I would love to see a black, golden or chocolate lab hat 🙂

    • IraRott says:

      Hi Mona, if you mean a Pattern for elephant booties, it is not available in PDF yet, but I hope to release it with in next several months (hopefully sooner).

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