Happy 2020 from IraRott Inc.

With 2020 approaching fast, it’s time for us to look back on what we’ve been working on over the last year. First of all, I would like to thank our creative team members for helping me in this journey…I could not have done it without the help of these people:

  • Pattern Testing – a group of 50+ amazing knitters, quilters, and crocheters (their names can be found on the last page of my patterns).
  • Technical Editing – Edie Eckman (Knit & Crochet teacher, designer, editor) & Teresa Kent (Sewing instructor & tech editor).
  • Proofreading – Ryan Nicole Hazeltine, Cheryl McNichols, Carmen Carpenter, Kimberly Rose, Polina MacGarvey, Courtney Knorr, and Susan Baker.
  • Translating – Judith Schumacher is our new team member who translates my patterns to German and is providing pattern support in German language.
  • Photo Editing – Our youngest daughter Polina enjoys art & graphic design. She does a fantastic job editing step-by-step images for my patterns.
  • Administration – My very supportive husband Maurice MacGarvey is the bookkeeper (which means – my lifesaver)…I could never thank him enough for taking care of our tax reports, trademarks, copyright, and other paperwork!
  • Web Developing & Support – In 2015, my brother Roman Rott has created our website from scratch using Ruby programming language. He has also just finished a huge site update and continue providing site maintenance & web support. 

2019 Knit & Crochet Patterns

In 2019 I designed & published 15 new crochet patterns & 3 knitting patterns that include chubby little animals, big amigurumi, rugs, pillows, hats, and even socks (which is unusual for me but it’s very likely I’ll do it again). No crochet blankets this year, unfortunately…but I promise that at least one will be published at the beginish of 2020!

2019 Quilting Patterns

If you remember from my 2018 year in review post, I also design quilting patterns. This year I have only finished 2 quilting patterns – Elephant Quilt & Fox Rug…Although, I am already super excited for my next year designs to be released soon.

German Patterns

I am so happy to announce that we have started translating my patterns to German with the help of Judith Schumacher, a workshop instructor of Croggle Workshops in Switzerland. This year she has translated 2 of my patterns and is already working on crochet elephant pillow that will be released soon in German. You can check out our German patterns over –> HERE.

2019 Pattern Updates

I do my best to keep our PDF patterns up to date with the current techniques, styles, materials…etc. So every year I have a special space in my schedule for writing patterns updates. In 2019 we have managed to update 25 crochet patterns that were previoucely published between 2011 & 2018. Please check out the list below to make sure you have the latest version if you purchased any of them before. Your pattern should have a 2019 copyright note in the footer of every page.

If you already have some of my patterns or planning to try them, I would like to thank you for supporting my work…because of you, I am able to design and write new patterns often and your support means the world to me!

In 2020, let’s keep crafting, continue learning new skills and teach our crafts to the next generation. Happy New Year everyone!