Hello 2022

Hello 2022, I am so excited to announce my first couple of pattern releases this year! Just before Christmas I got a request for 2 animal rugs for 2 adorable siblings who love their pets. I honestly do not remember when I finished a custom item for someone as I only sell finished items occasionally…but I just decided to go for it. I was over the moon to start designing these adorable animals!!

Lex The Axolotl

Axolotls are cute little salamanders that live in water, they make great pets and are so adorable. You will smile alotl just like an axolotl with this adorable rug in your room. This rug is made using a single strand of super-bulky weight Bernat Blanket yarn (6), the head ferns and tail edging are made from 2 strands of bulky weight Bernat Velvet yarn (5), and the eyes are made from 3 strands of medium weigh Bernat Super Value yarn (4). If you wish, you can use any super-bulky yarn (6) for the entire project. Lex The Axolotl Salamander Rug pattern is available HERE on my site.

NOTE: The yarn references in this post are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you choose to buy these products.

Peanut The Hamster

Introducing Peanut The Hamster…this guy is just too cute for words and I hope you will enjoy making it. If your mind is spinning like a hamster wheel, maybe it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy crocheting. 

I made this rug using 4 doughnuts of Bernat O’go Blanket yarn (affiliate link) in Milk and Honey colorway. If you wish, you can use individual Bernat Blanket colors instead (affiliate link) – 290 yds (265 m) of MC, 250 yds (229 m) of CC1, and 85 yds (78 m) of CC2. The pattern can be found HERE…have fun, I can’t wait to see your finished projects!!