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Lexington Rolling Cart Review

Being well organized is my lifestyle that I learned from my mom and perfected through the years. I appreciate technology and anything that helps me to organize my work and personal life.

When I saw this awesome Lexington Rolling Cart in Michaels, I thought that it’s a “MUST HAVE” accessory for my craft area! It was not easy to choose the color. I could easily take them all – White, Rose, Champagne, Matte Black, Mint, oh my….GRAY for me this time 🙂

What color would you go with?

Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott

It only took us a few minutes to put all these pieces together with easy step-by-step instructions. I really like that this cart is made of metal rather than plastic, it is very steady and rolling easily in any direction. It also has plenty of space for tools and materials.

Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott
Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott

I am all ready for my next project….now off to enjoy crocheting!