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Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Yarn Review

Tweed fibres and textiles have always been one of my favourites, so I was totally thrilled when Yarn Canada offered me to try one of their new products – Mandala Tweed Yarn by Lion Brand.

Unlike regular self-striping yarns, Mandala Tweed has a very gradual color change between sections of colors and each section is a mix of 2 colors. It’s very soft medium weight (4) acrylic yarn, wound in a 7oz / 200g cake…so you can clearly see all the beautiful colors layered from the center out.

Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Yarn Review By Ira Rott

The most interesting effect I noticed while working with Mandala Tweed is that the balls from the same dye lot were not striping identically, which turned my finished item into a one of a kind piece. This unique striping effect is definitely the charm of the yarn!

Mandala Tweed cakes have a generous yardage (568yd / 520m). Therefore, blankets, shawls and ponchos are the best project ideas for this yarn. I only used 2 yarn cakes for this chevron blanket…wow!

A Unique Self Striping Effect Of Mandala Tweed Yarn

When I design my patterns, sometimes I find inspiration while simply holding yarn in my hands. I hope you will enjoy this new Retro Owl Crochet Blanket pattern.

Retro Owl Crochet Blanket Pattern by IraRott