My Quilting Journey

When I was 12, I purchased my very first sewing machine and I quickly learned the basics of sewing and moved onto custom fit clothing. Later on, I learned pattern drafting from measurements and designing my own clothing patterns. In my late teens I wanted to make a quilt, but I knew so little about quilting back then. I decided to try anyways…and the rest is a history. Little by little, I completed my first scrappy quilt with a big heart applique in the center (I only wish I had a picture of it).

Time went by and I never made another quilt until my mid-30s. In August 2015 we were visiting Fergus Scottish Festival and I noticed a group of ladies gathered around a beautiful patchwork project…they were hand quilting together. Seeing my amazement, the quilting crew invited me to try stitching with them and I absolutely loved it!

I was so inspired by this hand quilting experience at the festival, that when we arrived home, I ordered my essential quilting supplies right away…and my new quilting journey has begun. I now design my own Quilting Patterns and I will be thrilled if you check them out.