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Paintbox Simply Chunky Yarn Review

Howdy, NEW yarn arrivals in our craft studio! I am so excited to share some sneak peeks of our most recent design project for LoveKnitting.

Paintbox Simply Chunky is a bulky weight yarn (5) with 149 yds (136 m) per 3.5oz (100g). It comes in a gorgeous range of bright and pastel colors appealing to the eyes.

Why I love Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn…

  1. Softness. YES! This yarn is nice and soft, just a dream to work with.
  2. Consistent weight. From color to color & from skein to skein – the same thickness of yarn, how wonderful is that!
  3. Gauge. When working with 2 strands together, the gauge is the same as for most of our rug patterns that are made from 3 strands of worsted weight yarn. So if you are not comfortable using 3 strands, you can substitute worsted weight yarn with Paintbox Simply Chunky and use only 2 strands! Here is a simple formula on how to calculate the yardage: Divide the recommended yardage by 3 & then multiply the result by 2. Example: If the pattern calls for 2700 yds of worsted weight yarn, you will only need (2700 : 3) X 2 = 1800 yds of Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn. Please keep in mind that the total yardage might vary based on your own gauge.
  4. Shipping. To my surprize, the package arrived to Canada in no time, thank you LoveKnitting!
  5. Packing. The yarn was packed in lovely organza bags…can you imagine, no plastic packing! Actually, I just realized how much I love using these bags…they do not take extra space and are so easy to bring with you outside or when you travel, just grab your bag & go 🙂

If you are looking for a high quality yarn, LoveKnitting might become your favorite stop to shop.

Paintbox Simply Chunky Yarn Review by IraRott

Do you know what is my favorite thing to do? I like to WALK & CROCHET. I feel very productive when I get my steps in & I get my project stitches done at the same time! I enjoy using these cute organza bags for carrying my yarn balls around, easy – breathy – comfortable 🙂

By the way, Loveknitting Organza Bags are also available for purchasing individually if you are looking for a unique packing for your knit & crochet projects.

Paintbox Simply Chunky Yarn Review by IraRott

UPDATE: Our Bubbles the Turtle Rug Pattern can be found at, Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy. You can also purchase it along with the materials from I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Bubbles the Turtle Crochet Rug Pattern by IraRott