Roxy The Forest Fox Jelly Roll Rug

If you love working with fabric strips as much as I do, you might enjoy this new pattern we recently released – Roxy The Forest Fox Rug. It’s a fun and quick Jelly Roll project or you can cut your own fabric strips. The pattern includes instructions on how to finish a rug without background, as well as a rug with background and a giant block that you can turn into a quilt if you wish.

In this pattern, I used Clockworks Batiks strips by Island Batik, purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Using this single set of Clockworks Batiks and some solid fabrics for background, I managed to make 3 different foxes:

  • Orange fox rug without background
  • Blue fox rug with background
  • Brown fox quilt

You can also use any fabric scraps or Jelly Rolls from your stash. Here is another foxy Jelly Roll idea – Lunn Studios BATIKS by Kaufman (affiliate link).

It’s very easy to add borders to the large block and turn it into a quilt instead of making a rug.

I love wearing jeans and therefore, I have a lot of old jeans that I love to repurpose. Also, upcycling prevents wasting potentially useful materials and reduces our environmental footprint by saving the planet from waste. It helps to decrease our spending and increase creativity. Rugs made from denim scraps look fantastic, so you can always use denim strips as upcycling material instead of Jelly Roll strips. You can find several rug ideas and patterns on my SITE.