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Snooze ‘n’ Snuggle Woolly Sheep

Get cozy and snuggle up with your very own Snooze ‘n’ Snuggle Woolly Sheep. I am so thrilled with my new crochet design and I hope you will enjoy making it as well. This mid-size amigurumi is approximately 19” across the stretched legs and 9” from the top down in a lying position, just perfect for hugs and snuggles.

I designed this pattern using Chenille Home Slim Solid Yarn by Loops & Threads, incredibly soft super-bulky weight yarn (6) from Michaels. For the loopy texture I used my favorite locked sc-loops, which worked great with this yarn compared to some other heavy yarns. Check out how simple it is!

If you wish to make your sheep smaller or larger, you can use any thinner or thicker yarn with a suitable size hook and your finished size will vary based on your yarn choice and the gauge. Keep in mind that the amount of yarn may also be different if you are using alternative yarns. In the picture below, the sheep on the left is made using medium weight yarn (4) and it’s 10.5″ X 6.5″…and the sheep on the right is made from a sport weight yarn (2) and it’s 6.5″ X 4.5″.

Crochet Amigurumi Lamb in Different Sizes

A long time ago I purchased a bag of unprocessed wool from a local farmer in Southern Ontario. It took me several years to process and spin it into yarn, but it came out lovely after all. I also had some Shetland fleece, which was already processed…it was a joy to spin. I thought my handspun yarns were perfect for a small amigurumi and I decided to make a Valais Blacknose sheep using my new pattern….oh my goodness, it turned out so cute!

I can literally fit this tiny lamby in my hand…my heart is filled with awe!!

For inspiration, here are some finished Snooze ‘n’ Snuggle Woolly Sheep by our testing team members (Melinda Dickie, Cynthia Fuller, Mildred Karakaş, Ashley Smith Jamieson, and Katie Bailey). I can’t wait to see yours!