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Stand With Ukraine

Ukraine has always had a special place in my heart. It’s a place where I was born, where my dad read me bedtime stories, where my mom taught me needle-crafting, where my grandma taught me life skills including Ukrainian Borscht (yes, it’s a skill and not a recipe)….it’s a place I’m proud to call motherland. 

The pain is unreal when your family in danger, when you family is in the middle of the WAR. I feel helpless and angry, it’s hard to breathe. My soul is crying for all the people of Ukraine. I posted this yellow-blue heart on my social media a few days ago, and I thought to leave it here on my blog as well. If you wish to make a Ukrainian heart for yourself or for someone you care about, use code STANDWITHUKRAINE to get this pattern free on Ravelry or my website. Please note: (1) this code doesn’t work on Etsy, (2) Expiration date is set for the last day of 2022.

Standing together.