The Girl That Inspired The World

They say that there are no 2 people who see colors the exact same way. So, is black the sum of colors or absence of color? Either way, it’s gorgeous and I couldn’t resist to crochet a gothic doll inspired by Wednesday Addams.

The pattern I used is one of my older designs (Josefina Doll And Jeffery Elephant Pillow) with some minor adjustments. I chose this lovely cotton blend Sirdar Stories DK weight yarn from our local yarn shop – 3 balls of Silent Disco, 1 ball of Iced Latte, and 1 ball of Smile. Love these color names by the way!!

If you have this doll pattern, here is what I did differently. For the legs, I worked Rnd 4 as bpsc instead of sc to create a ridge between the sole and the boot, and I used black yarn up to Rnd 12…then I worked 12 rounds of black & white striped socks and the remaining part of the leg is beige. For the black dress, I free-handed the white collar by working 2 shells around the neck edge and then 1 row of sc. The most fun part was experimenting with wire for the arms to make them moveable and poseable. They turned out fantastical!

This gothic gal is now my partner in crime and I hope she makes you smile. The black parasol in the background is from the Pineapple Lace Parasol pattern.