The Woolly Sheep

Hello friends, what’s your next big project? I am in love with my new big friend, The Woolly Sheep! As you know, snuggles and hugs are very effective stress relievers…and I need them now more than ever.

Due to the large amount of loops, this project is rather time consuming, but the final result is so worth the effort. If you are not familiar with loop stitches, you can check out my Easy Loops Crochet Tutorial to compare several different methods for making loops.

My big sheep is made using super-bulky Bernat Blanket yarn, but if you want to make a smaller lamb, you can use a thinner yarn with a suitable size hook. Below is a comparison of finished projects made from super-bulky (6) and medium weight (4) yarns. I prefer using Basic Loops with bulky yarns and Locked Loops with thinner yarns (both techniques are described in the pattern). Before you start working on your project, practice these methods to see which loops are easier for you to handle. You can use just Basic / Locked Loops or use them both in alternate rounds. You can also work Basic Loops and change to Locked Loops in difficult areas.

Enjoy snuggles, they will get you through any struggles.