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Ukrainian Heart for Mother’s Day

I made a Ukrainian heart for my brave, strong, and determined mom this Mother’s day. After over a year of enemy’s bombs falling from the sky, she never cease to amaze me with her strong faith in Ukrainian victory…because there is no substitute for victory.

And there will be a time, when one will say: “Glory to Ukraine”, and millions will respond with “Glory to its heroes!

I recently designed this Ukrainian Heart Pendant in support of Ukrainian people and our homeland. You are more than welcome to make these hearts for a fundraiser or to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine caused by the invasion of our land. Carry this Ukrainian Heart anywhere you go, just loop it through the side of your purse, key-chain, or a zipper head.

For this special project, I used yellow and blue yarns, hand-spun from merino/alpaca fibers on my drop spindle (about fingering weight yarns). If you wish, you can use any yarn you like with a suitable size hook, and your finished project will vary depending on the thickness of your yarn.

This new pattern is currently available in 2 languages (English and Ukrainian) and you can download it for free from my website. Thanks to my mom for her help in tech editing the Ukrainian version of the pattern.

Here is another cool project you can do to support Ukraine. Big thanks to LoveCrafts for choosing my Sunflower Coaster pattern for demonstrational purposes. This pattern is available in English and Ukrainian and is also free on my website. Below, you can find an easy video with wonderful finishing ideas by LoveCrafts.

Check out this article on LoveCrafts about supporting Ukraine and practical ways you can help. I donated one of my patterns (inspired by my brother) to help Ukraine through LoveCrafts – Roma The Happy Penguin. When you buy this pattern on LoveCrafts, 100% of sales go towards the charity Choose Love’s Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser.

Slava Ukraini, Heroyam slava!