Wall Decorations From Crochet Rug Patterns

If you already made crochet rugs from my PDF patterns or from my book (Crochet Animal Rugs), you can also use these patterns to make other home decorations, such as wall hangings, table covers, or doilies. Just use a thinner yarn with a smaller size hook to make your finished item smaller and lighter.

Elephant Rug Crochet Pattern by IraRott

Sloth Wall Decoration

To finish this wall decoration, I made an applique piece from my NEW Mossy The Sloth Crochet Rug pattern by using a single strand of Mellowspun Yarn (affiliate link) light weight/3 with a 3.5 mm hook…instead of 3 strands of medium weight/4 yarn suggested for the rug size. As a result, my sloth turned out 16″ X 12″ instead of 42″ X 32″ – just a perfect size for framing!

DK Yarn Mellowspun Mary Maxim

What you need for framing:

  • Find a picture frame, large enough to fit your crochet applique in. I used a frame from an old print…you know, I love upcycling!
  • A piece of cute fabric for background, slightly larger than your frame base. You can also use wallpaper, decoupage paper or even chalk paint.
  • Permanent fabric glue (Liquid Stitch is a great product to use).
  • You might also need Mod Podge if you choose a decoupage method.
Materials For Framed Crochet Sloth

When upcycling, it might take a little bit of patience to unseal and take the frame apart, just be careful with the glass (if there is any). I only kept the frame and the fibreboard backing for this projects, but you can also reuse the glass if you wish. To finish background, I wrapped a piece of flannel fabric around the fibreboard and glued it along the edges on the back. Flannel fabric sticks well to the front of the board, so I did not use any glue there. However, some other lighter weight fabrics might need to be decoupaged to be able to hold the weight of crochet applique. You can also decoupage the fibreboard using wallpaper or decoupage paper and Mod Podge. If you don’t like decoupaging, you can simply paint the fibreboard and even your frame.

After the background is ready, position your crochet applique and use fabric glue heavily to attach it to the backing. Place your finished art back into the frame and seal it…Voilá!

Elephant Wall Decoration

I covered this technique in my book (Crochet Animal Rugs), but here is a general idea of the process…

To make this decoration, I used crochet thread size 10 and a tiny 1.9 mm (US size 5) steel hook. This elephant is made from the pattern in my book, which is slightly different and smaller than the elephant in my PDF pattern…it turned out 14″ wide using thread.

For this method, you don’t need any glue, just a frame, matboard backing, matboard edging, chenille needle with sharp point, finger guard, and packing tape.

You will need to starch and block your finished applique from thread…which can also be used as a doily after drying!

Once it’s dry, make a few tubes out of packing tape with the sticky side facing out & use these tubes to secure your applique onto the matboard backing temporarily.

Thread the chenille needle with the crochet thread used for making the wall hanging. Attach the wall hanging to the matboard backing by basting it around the edge & removing the packing tape tubes as you go.

Insert the matboard backing with the attached wall hanging into the frame along with the matboard edging and seal the frame. Mount the frame onto the wall.

Other Ideas

Some rug patterns will work as table covers or placemats…just use thinner yarn and a smaller size hook. Trial and error might be the way to go, but here are a few cute ideas…