Eh Christmas Moose Horde

Christmas spirit is in the air & mooses mooses everywhere…I am so excited to introduce our NEW big amigurumi pattern – Eh Moose! Isn’t he just so darn cute? Eh Moose enjoys spending time by our Christmas tree along with his companion (Eh Moose Rug).

Moose Rug and Big Stuffed Animal Crochet Pattern by IraRott

Our big boy moosey is approximately 31” (78.7 cm) in sitting position or 46” (116.8 cm) including legs & antlers. Guess what? Of course….I love Bernat Blanket Yarn by Yarnspiration and it was the perfect choice for Eh Moose.

Big Moose Crochet Amigurumi Pattern by IraRott

What a cute chubby butt 🙂

Moose Big Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by IraRott

What’s better than one moose? Four moose, indeed! Our “Eh Moose” collection currently has 4 adorable crochet patterns – Big Amigurumi, Rug, Security Blanket, Hat.

Remember, you can save 20% on any 4 or more IraRott® patterns purchased together through or our Ravelry Shop 🙂

Have a Merry Moosey Christmas everyone!

Crochet Moose Rug Pattern by IraRott Crochet Moose Lovey Pattern by IraRott Crochet Moose Hat Pattern by IraRott


Black Friday – Cyber Monday SALE

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! Exciting news, our Black Friday-Cyber Monday BIG SALE begins on Thursday, Nov 23 / 2017 at noon (EST).

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Biggest SALE of the Year at IraRott

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Biggest SALE of the Year at IraRott

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Biggest SALE of the Year at IraRott

Happy shopping & happy crafting!

Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Biggest SALE of the Year at IraRott

Full of Christmas Spirit

Hello crochet friends, I can’t believe it’s only 34 days till Christmas!

I love our NEW Eh Moose Rug under the tree…we are totally full of Christmas spirit!

Exciting news, our biggest sale of the year will begin a day before Black friday (Nov 23 at noon EST) & it will run through Cyber Monday (Nov 27, midnight EST) .

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Moose Rug Crochet Pattern by IraRott for Christmas 2017

Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern

Our newest 2017 version of Classic Teddy Bear Rug Pattern has just been released!

Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Rug Pattern by IraRott


  • Modern Pattern Template – IraRott 2017

  • Improved diagrams

  • New step by step photos

  • Clickable table of contents & page references throughout

  • Simplified instructions for the ears

  • New embellishing ideas (maple leaf or patch)

  • All pieces are now made from 3 strands of worsted weight yarn and this pattern is fully comparable with Bernat Blanket yarn if you wish to use a single strand.

Oooo you know how much I love Bernat Blanket yarn! 

Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Rug Pattern by IraRottMake this rug along with a matching teddy bear! John the Canadian bear is a super soft & cuddly big amigurumi made from Bernat Blanket yarn. Teddy bear pattern can also be found on our SITE. Classic Teddy Bear Crochet Rug Pattern by IraRott

NOTE: Please check your emails for free update if you purchased this pattern through, Ravelry, or Craftsy. Dear Etsy customers, you are also eligible for a free update! Unfortunately, Etsy does not have an automated update feature just yet, but we hope they consider adding it in the future as per many of our survey suggestions. At the present time, we are sending etsy pattern updates manually and by requests only. If you’ve purchased this pattern through our ETSY SHOP, please log in to your etsy account & send us a message.

Lexington Rolling Cart Review

Being well organized is my lifestyle that I learned from my mom and perfected through the years. I appreciate technology and anything that helps me to organize my work and personal life.

When I saw this awesome Lexington Rolling Cart in Michaels, I thought that it’s a “MUST HAVE” accessory for my craft area! It was not easy to choose the color. I could easily take them all – White, Rose, Champagne, Matte Black, Mint, oh my….GRAY for me this time 🙂

What color would you go with?

Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott

It only took us a few minutes to put all these pieces together with easy step-by-step instructions. I really like that this cart is made of metal rather than plastic, it is very steady and rolling easily in any direction. It also has plenty of space for tools and materials.

Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott Lexington Rolling Cart Review by IraRott

I am all ready for my next project….now off to enjoy crocheting!

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows

When it comes to purchasing polyester stuffing, the cost of your materials might increase greatly if you make a big amigurumi or a crochet cushion as these projects use a lot of stuffing.  So I decided to try some alternative options and to my surprise, I found that fiberfill from regular bed pillows works great!

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows by IraRott

You can find inexpensive pillows in any local Walmart for as low as $3.47 – $4.97 CAD! The Blue Whale pillow from Walmart is generously overfilled with 100% polyester fiber & it is washable and dryable.

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows by IraRott

HOW TO USE FIBERFILL FROM PILLOWS: Cut the the seam of the pillow open, take out some stuffing (as much as you can fit in your hand) and fluff it up with your fingers. Now you can use it to stuff a crochet project!

Fiberfill For Big Amigurumi And Crochet Pillows by IraRott

I hope you will give it a try and share your feedback with us 🙂

Moxie And Roxy The Forest Foxes

Hello my crafty friends, I can’t believe it’s already October – the most inspiring time of the year! Surrounded by the spectacular fall foliage in southern Ontario, I can’t resist knitting, crocheting, sewing, and baking apple pies. When I think about fall, I think about beauty of nature and woodland animals…so I thought it would be great to make something foxy again.

Moxie & Roxy is not a new pattern, I designed this fox hat over 4 years ago and it is still one of the most loved characters in IraRott family. As I always care about our patterns, I decided that it’s time to write an update for our cute little foxes. When this pattern was originally released in 2013, it included 2 hat styles (furry & non-furry) as well as a tail pattern. The pattern had way too many details in my opinion, that’s why I created 3 separate versions of this design in 2017:

VERSION 1: Roxy The Forest Fox Hat Crochet Pattern. This hat base is made with hook 5.5 mm (I) from worsted weight yarn (4). I used Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lion Brand, which is one of my favorite yarns for making hats. Terracotta color is definitely my first choice, but Rust, Honey, and Tangerine Mix are fabulous as well! This version of the pattern was sent to our customers who purchased it prior to October 19 / 2017. Please keep the original pattern in case you want to use the furry hat base in the future. If you have not received an update, please contact us with more information about your purchase through the contact form on your site.

Roxy The Forest Fox Hat

VERSION 2: Moxie The Furry Fox Hat Crochet Pattern. The base of this hat is made with hook 6.5 mm (K) and TWO strands of yarn held together –> 1 strand of worsted weight (4) + 1 strand of bulky furry yarn (5). Originally, I used Vanna’s Choice with Fun Fur yarns by Lion Brand in Terracotta colors. Unfortunately, the Terracotta Fun Fur has now been discontinued,  but you can still find it on eBay, or maybe you have it in you stash. Scarlet Vanna’s Choice with Red Fun Fur create a nice color mix, or you can use any other combination of matching colors. You can also use Eyelash yarn by Ice yarns which is currently available in a variety of fabulous colors.

Moxie The Furry Fox Hat

VERSION 3: Moxie & Roxy The Fox Tail. Great news, this part of the pattern is now FREE, so come over to get your copy! The pattern includes instructions for making a furry fox tail or non-furry fox tail in 3 different sizes. You can also make a removable tail that can easily be attached to your pants or onto a hat, how fun is that?!

Crochet Fox Tail FREE Pattern By IraRott

Moxie And Roxy The Fox Tail

Crochet Fox Tail FREE Pattern By IraRott

Moxie And Roxy The Fox Tail


WHAT’S NEW in our 2017 version of the pattern:

  1. Modern Pattern Template – IraRott 2017

  2. Improved diagrams

  3. New step-by-step photos

  4. Conversion chart to UK terms

  5. Notes for left-handed crochet

  6. Clickable table of contents & page references throughout

  7. Safety notes

Roxy the Forest Fox Hat Crochet Pattern by IraRott

I hope you will enjoy this new versions of the pattern. If you are looking for more matching patterns, check out our fox collection at –>