Bubbles The Turtle Blanket

Some days I wish I was a turtle on a warm sandy beach…and now is the perfect time to go to the beach to crochet!
I love to crochet blankets in spring & summer because I usually have more time for larger projects and I just love crocheting outside. Check out our new Bubbles The Turtle Blanket pattern, it’s a super fun project for everyone who enjoys crocheting outside as much as I do!
Bubbles the Turtle Crochet Blanket Pattern by IraRott

I made this blanket from Paintbox Simply Aran yarn to match our Turtle Rug pattern that was made from Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn.

Bubbles the Turtle Crochet Blanket and Rug Patterns by IraRott

People love different yarns for different reasons…I love Paintbox for its modern look and its softness. You will never get disappointed at a variety of fabulous colors!

This blanket measures 42” (106.7 cm) X 51” (129.5 cm) & the pattern calls for the following colors:

  • Washed Teal – 5 skeins
  • Soft Fudge – 3 skeins
  • Marine Blue – 2 skeins
  • Light Caramel – 2 skeins
  • Spearmint Green – 1 skein
  • Grass Green – 1 skein
  • Daffodil Yellow – 1⁄2 skein
  • Coffee Bean – 1⁄2 skein

Look at these lovely color variations by our team members Nikki Williams & Shaunna Hallon, who also used Paintbox yarn:

Crochet Turtle Blanket by Nikki Williams‎

Crochet Turtle Blanket by Nikki Williams‎

Crochet Turtle Blanket by Shaunna Hallon‎

Crochet Turtle Blanket by Shaunna Hallon‎











Please check back soon, I am getting another adorable turtle pattern ready for you!


IraRott Crochet Community

Hello crafty friends, we have some exciting news for you!

Yes, that’s right, IraRott Crochet Community facebook group is finally up and running! So, please join us to share your finished projects, interact with fellow crocheters, and most importantly – have fun.  We will also post sneak peeks, announcements, and surprises for you…never miss a thing!

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Pinky The Piggy Pattern Collection

One little pig is so much fun but two or three cute piggies are better than one! I was really inspired to create a piggy collection this year…so here it is, my third piggy pattern in 2018, I just love this adorable lovey!

The blanket portion of the lovey is made from beautiful Super Saver Ombré yarn by Red Heart, I am so amazed by the gorgeous color layout! Also, this yarn comes in a large 10 oz (283 g) skeins & you will only need 2/3 of a skein for this project, no yarn shortages guaranteed 🙂 The additional colors are Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (small amount of each).

If you missed our previously released piggy patterns, you might like to check them out as well:

  1. Pinky The Piggy Rug – Crochet PDF Pattern
  2. Pinky The Piggy Pillow – Crochet PDF Pattern
  3. Pinky The Piggy Lovey – Crochet PDF Pattern

Pinky Piggy Crochet Pillow and Rug Patterns By IraRott

PS: There will be another surprise later this year, oink-oink!

Oscar The French Bulldog

Bonjour, may I introduce our NEW big amigurumi – Oscar The French Bulldog!

This is another fun project from my favorite Bernat Blanket yarn by Yarnspirations…soft, squashy, and BIG! Oscar is approximately 35” (88.9 cm) tall.

If the finished size is not very important, you can use any other yarn…just keep in mind that the yarn & hook size will have to be changed accordingly for making the eyes & nose. Here is an adorable mini version of Oscar, made by our team member Ashley Smith from worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Comfort) & a 4mm hook. The eyes are made with embroidery thread & a 2mm hook. To make her dress, Ashley followed the shirt pattern and added the same ruffle edge from Peanut Butter the Jellyfish Pattern. She also made a little flower with a 2m hook & baby yarn. This cutie is 14.5″ tall.

Looking for a perfectly matching hat? You can find our pattern –> HERE!

Josefina and Jeffery Crochet Elephant Pillow 2018 Pattern Update

Pattern update alert – Our 2018 version of Josefina & Jeffery Elephant Pillow Pattern has just been released, so please check your emails for free update if you purchased this pattern before.


  • Modern Pattern Template – IraRott 2018

  • Improved diagrams, including NEW additional diagram for the ears

  • {Braces} were replaced with asterisks** for indicating complex repeats in the ears

  • Some new images

  • New references to the blog articles throughout
  • The finished pillow size is now slightly smaller – 30” (76.2 cm) horizontally including ears & 21½” (54.6 cm) vertically across the outer edges of the ears
  • Recommended yarn – only 2½ skeins of Bernat Super Value

  • The pattern is now 19 pages long & it is 13.6 Mb (mobile devises friendly)

Elephant Cushion Crochet Pattern By IraRott

Crochet Elephant Pillow Pattern By IraRott

Dear Etsy customers, you are also eligible for a free update! Unfortunately, Etsy does not have an automated update feature just yet, but we hope they consider adding it in the future as per many of our survey suggestions. At the present time, we are sending etsy pattern updates manually and by requests only. If you’ve purchased this pattern through our ETSY SHOP, please log in to your etsy account & send us a message.

Josefina The Elephant Crochet Pillow Pattern By IraRott

Find more matching elephant patterns on –> OUR SITE.

Elephant Crochet Patterns By IraRott

Happy Easter!

Easter is just around the corner, but you still have enough time to surprise your little ones with our NEW Sunny The Big Easter Bunny!

It works up super fast using super bulky Bernat Blanket yarn & it’s gigantic!  Sunny measures approximately 27” (68.6 cm) in a sitting position or 55” (139.7 cm) including legs & ears. The pattern includes instructions for 2 different styles of hat & scarf, as well as easter eggs!

Sunny The Big Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern By IraRott

You can also use Bernat Super Value (4) or any other favorite yarns to make your bunny smaller, just use a smaller size hook 🙂

Sunny The Big Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern By IraRott

Happy Easter & Happy Crafting!

Lion Leonardo

Leonardo is a kind and gentle lion, he typically does not smile because he is shy, but once he gets to know you he is a great friend that likes to listen and hear stories.

Lion Leonardo Crochet Rug Pattern by IraRott

You can change Leonardo’s facial expression by repositioning eyebrows the way you like. The eyes can also be modified to make your lion sleepy or smiley, here are some examples in the video below 🙂

Our new Lion Leonardo Rug Pattern & the matching Lion Leonardo Hat Pattern can be found on our site at IraRott.com.

Lion Leonardo Crochet Hat Pattern by IraRott

Irish Crochet Decoupaging

Ten years ago or so, this Coffee & Cream clothing collection was one of my signature designs inspired by Irish Crochet and was featured in 85th addition of Duplet Magazine.

Duplet Magazine 85 Featuring Ira Rott Designs

To create this collection, I made different leaves and flowers using 2 contrasting shades of cotton / bamboo yarns, which I then joined together into garments. There were always hundreds and hundreds premade motifs in my craft room and I was ready to assemble them at any time. Ten years later, guess what I found in the bin with my crochet threads? Of course, a whole bag of those beautiful coffee & cream floral motifs which were just perfect for the project I was working on last summer…I was beyond excited!

As you might know, sewing is another passion of mine. This gorgeous Singer 15 sewing machine was one of my restoration projects in summer 2017, I was so thrilled to see how it turned out! Please don’t get me wrong, I love technology and modern sewing machines…but I also love, appreciate, and respect history. I enjoy rescuing vintage sewing machines, they are truly beautiful and stitch amazingly.

When I found this machine, the original case was in such a horrific condition…I could have cried because I wasn’t sure how I would have restored it.

Taking one step at a time, I finished cleaning this case and the decorating Ideas were coming slowly. I have finally decide to decoupage this case using my floral motifs from the Coffee & Cream collection. I placed flowers & leaves (group by group) around the case with WS facing up, creating a balanced composition between contrasting colors. Just like in classic Irish crochet, the motifs needed to be joined, so I used a regular sewing needle & sewing thread to sew them together across the contiguous edges on WS, leaving the edges under the handle unattached. When the entire piece was sewn together, I took it off the case for steam blocking, and then put it back on with RS facing up. Decoupaging was fun and easy using Mod Podge from Michaels. I even glued a few extra flowers onto the finished surface to create a 3-dimensional look. It took a lot of time to complete this project, but I could not be happier with the result!

Here are some close up pictures of the process and the finished project 🙂

Sewing Motifs

Sewing On WS

Creating Composition

Steam Blocking

Finished Case

Finished Case


Steam Blocking for Knit and Crochet Projects

Steam blocking is another simple way to block knit and crochet projects. If you are not sure what blocking is and why it’s needed, you can check out my previous articles about Wet Blocking & Spray blocking. I normally steam block crochet items made from cotton thread or microfiber such as my lace clothing, parasol covers, Bruges lace, Irish crochet. You can also use this method for blocking blankets, knit garment, and other projects.

Steaming is easy and fast, however, please keep in mind that depending on the fiber content, the yarn might not be suitable for high temperatures. For example, yarns with high
acrylic content might melt and yarns with 100% wool content might shrink. So, it’s important to always check the fiber contents and care instructions on the yarn label.

TIP: Before steam blocking your finished projects, block a swatch sample to make sure that the fabric does not melt, stretch, shrink, or lose firmness from applying hot steam. Measure your sample before and after steaming.

Blocking With Steam Iron

I prefer to steam block all pieces of a crochet garment individually before assembling them, then I block the seams after assembling. However, you might have different preferences and that’s just fine. If desired, you can pin your piece around the edges to the ironing surface prior to blocking. To avoid any unexpected “surprises” when using a steam iron, lay the project with WS facing up and apply steam very gently, without stretching or pressing too hard. Do not hesitate to apply minimal pressure to the fabrics made from 100% cotton thread by pressing your iron up and down instead of waving it from side to side to avoid stretching or distorting your fabric. Let the fabric cool down without distortion before moving it.

Steam Blocking Using Steam Iron

Blocking With Garment Steamers

You can also use garment steamers for gentele blocking. This method works great for afghans, knit garment, shawl, and other items that can tolerate hot steam. When steaming, hover the garment steamer over your project without touching or pressing it and allow it to cool down after steaming.

Blocking Through Wet Cloth

Steam blocking through a pressing cloth or cheesecloth is one of the most traditional old techniques. Cotton cloth will protect your knit & crochet fabrics from distorsions and from glossiness.

  1. Soak a pressing cloth (or cheesecloth) in water & squeeze excess moisture out
  2. Place the wet cloth over your project & press lightly with a hot iron, pushing the steam through the pressing cloth into the fabric
  3. Continue this process until the pressing cloth is dry
  4. Allow your project to cool down after blocking

Steam Blocking Through Wet Cheesecloth

Here are some examples of steam blocked items:

100% Cotton Thread

100% Cotton Thread

Microfibre Thread

100% Wool

Cotton Blend

100% Cotton Thread

Microfibre Thread

100% Cotton Thread

Cotton Blend


Crochet Jellyfish Monster

Another 2018 pattern update is here!

Awesome news, our Peanut Butter The Jellyfish Monster pattern is now FREE, so please do not hesitate to stop by & download your copy from our website. 

What’s new in this pattern update:

  • Modern Pattern Template – IraRott 2018

  • New diagrams

  • Simplified instructions for the bottom of the body

Look at these adorable Jellyfish Monsters below by our testing team members, they are so sweet & colorful! If you made a Jellyfish from this IraRott® pattern, please post your finished projects on Ravery so we could check them out as well 🙂

Susan Wilkes-Baker

Shaunna Hallon

Nikki Williams

Melinda Dickie

Leslie Mansfield

Kimberly Rose

Katie Carlson

Juliette Bland

Jazz Abd

Emily Re

Autmn Prueher

Ashley Smith